Trucking Accidents Due to Overloading

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Each year, there are numerous accidents involving overloaded trucks that occur and result in serious injuries and fatalities. If you are involved in an overload accident, obtain the assistance of talented legal representation.

The Causes of Overload Accidents

It is important to understand the various ways in which overloaded vehicles can be involved in accidents. There is never a reason for a driver or trucking company to overload a truck. There are several common causes of overload accidents, which include the following:

  • The breaking distance increases for overloaded vehicles. As a result, the ability to stop quickly decreases when a vehicle is overloaded.
  • Improperly secured cargo can shift position in a truck, leading to a rollover.
  • Jackknifing can occur when vehicles are overloaded. When a vehicle jackknifes, other people in the immediate area are at risk of being seriously injured or killed.
  • Tires can be blown out because a vehicle is carrying too much weight.
  • Too much weight can put a tremendous strain on vehicle’s mechanical systems, resulting in many different types of structural failures.
  • Vehicles with too much weight can experience difficulty in maneuvering corners, which can easily result in rollovers.

Steps to Take if You are Involved in an Overload Accident

It is difficult to predict when overload accidents will occur. In an effort to decrease the frequency of these accidents, weigh stations have been placed along all majors roads so that trucks can be weighed and properly monitored. If you are involved in an accident with an overloaded vehicle, there are some important steps to take:

  • Immediately after the accident occurs, make sure that the individuals around you are physically safe and seek medical attention for yourself and any other injured parties.
  • Contact law enforcement and report how the accident occurred because a report of the accident can greatly help with insurance companies.
  • Document any potential damage or details about how the overload accident occurred. Nowadays, a large number of individuals have cell phones with cameras, which can be used to take photographs of the scene of the accident. These photographs can document damage before a truck company makes repairs or attempts to claim that the accident never even occurred.
  • Avoid admitting responsibility even partially for the accident because these types of statements can later be used against you. In many cases, parties will be contacted by insurance companies and opposing legal counsel after an accident to determine if the person will make a recorded statement. It is imperative to avoid providing any type of sensitive information that could be used against you.
  • Be careful about speaking to opposing parties without the assistance of skilled legal representation. If you do want to make a recorded statement, first check with a skilled attorney who can determine any negative repercussions that might result from providing a statement.

Contact a Seasoned Accident Attorney

If you are harmed in an accident involving an overloaded vehicle, obtain the assistance of skilled legal representation. Contact our team of skilled attorneys through our free case evaluation today.

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