The Danger of Truck Spill Accidents

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In May of 2018, sections of Route 18 and the New Jersey Turnpike were temporarily closed after a tanker truck that was carrying hazardous materials overturned while entering an on-ramp. The truck was carrying isopropylbenzene, which is a flammable colorless liquid that is comprised of both crude oil and other refined fuels. Workers promptly made efforts to clean up the spill. The driver of the truck was also treated at a nearby medical facility.

Truck Spill Accidents

It is important for motorists to understand that hazardous spills can result in devastating consequences including serious injuries and significant property damage. Companies as well as drivers who are responsible for transporting hazardous materials, however, are frequently responsible for the accident. As a result, accident victims in these situations are often able to obtain compensation for resulting damages. The assistance of a seasoned accident lawyer, however, is often essential to making sure that the accountable parties are held responsible.

Regulations Concerning Hazardous Material

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates trucks in the country. There are certain regulations that apply to trucks that are carrying hazardous materials, which include any substance that creates an “unreasonable threat” to the health and safety of both people and the surrounding environment. The most common types of hazardous materials include corrosive goods, explosives, flammable liquids, gases, organic peroxide, oxidizer, poison inhalants, radioactive materials, and toxic poison.

Some of the regulations that trucks hauling hazardous materials must follow include having a sign placed on all four sides of the vehicle. These signs must both be shaped like a diamond as well as contain the category level on the bottom point. Additionally, drivers who are transporting certain types of hazardous materials must have Hazardous Materials Safety Permit. Truck drivers must also ride with shipping documents that explain what material is being transported and which must be completed in accordance with certain regulations.

The Damage Caused by Hazardous Spills

Hazardous cargo can both impact the environments as well as the lives of people in proximity to the accident. Some of the most common damages caused by hazardous spills include:

  • Direct Exposure: Coming into direct contact with chemicals can result in significant injuries as well as fatalities.
  • Environmental Damage: Hazardous spills can significantly harm the surrounding environment by dumping toxic materials into nearby bodies of water, which can seriously harm a large number of individuals.
  • Inhalation of Contaminants. Some hazardous materials are easily spread through the air which can harm anyone who inhales the substance.
  • Property Damage. In some cases, hazardous spills can cause substantial property damage which can lead to individuals losing their homes.

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