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Who is Responsible in Product Liability Lawsuits?

 In Personal Injury

The parties that are held responsible for injuries caused by a defective product can include a distributor, manufacturer, retailer, supplier, or wholesaler. The exact question of who should be held responsible in a product liability lawsuit, however, depends on exactly how the injury occurred. If you have been injured by a product, is critical to understand some of the important details about how product liability cases are prosecuted in New Jersey.

If you or a loved one was the victim in a defective product accident, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

What is Product Liability?

Product liability is a legal theory that holds various parties associated with the production and distribution of a product liable for resulting injuries. As a result, not just the manufacturer of a product, but also parties engaged in the distribution or resale of products can be held liable in product liability lawsuits.

Types of Product Liability Lawsuits in New Jersey

There are three types of product liability lawsuits, which include the following:

  • Design defects: Products with this type of defect contain flaws due to how the product was designed. These defects often affect an entire group of products rather than just one or two items.
  • Failure to sufficiently instruct or warn: Some products require certain instructions to make sure that they are properly used by reasonable consumers. If a manufacturer fails to properly warn about how consumers might be harmed by the failure to safely use a product, they will likely be required to compensate accident victims. Failure to warn cases frequently affect a large number of products rather than just one or a handful.
  • Manufacturing defects: These cases involve products that are dangerous due to defects that occurred during the manufacturing process. Defects of this nature do not always result in all products in a product line being affected, but instead these defects often only exist in one or a small number of products.

The type of product defect involved in your case will ultimately influence the parties against which you are able to pursue legal action.

Ways in Which Defective Product Accidents Occur

Any consumer product could potentially have a defect, but there are some common types of products that are known to be defective, such as:

  • Parts in car seats and baby toys
  • Medical devices
  • Mesh used during hernia surgeries
  • Motor vehicles
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Power tools and powered gardening equipment
  • Toxic chemicals including Roundup weed killer

No matter how you have been harmed by a defective product, when these accidents occur, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced lawyer.

Speak with a Defective Product & Accident Attorney Today

If you have been harmed by a defective product, you should remember that there are often several parties against whom you can pursue legal claims.

Contact Ferrara Law today to obtain the assistance that you need to get through this difficult time. We have helped many defective product victims successfully pursue lawsuits and obtain compensation.

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