Black Lives Matter: It’s Time To Take Action

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Hi, and welcome to the next edition of the People’s Law School. Today’s class is going to deal with tractor trailer crashes. As any of you know that have driven on the New Jersey Turnpike or 295 or 42, that it’s kind of scary to be driving, especially at night with a tractor trailer baring down on you. Well, unfortunately what is unknown is that many of these drivers drive too many hours. They’re supposed to be limited to the amount of hours that they drive, but they have to get from point A to point B, say by 9:00 in the morning. So they’ll exceed the limits of how many hours they can drive.

In fact, sometimes there are drivers that even take some medication to keep them awake so they can drive further. It’s a sad thing, but should you or a loved one ever be a victim of being hit by a tractor trailer or tank truck or bus, we’re here to help you.

There are specific federal rules and regulations that apply and many of these companies violate these rules so there’s a lot we can do to help you. And the nice thing is that these tractor trailers have to have a minimum insurance coverage of $750,000. So, there will always be money available to compensate you for the losses and harms that you sustain. Hopefully you never have a situation where you’re involved with an accident with a tractor trailer, but if you are, we’re here to help you. So until next time, thanks for watching the People’s Law School.