Black Lives Matter: It’s Time To Take Action

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Hi, and welcome to the next edition of The People’s Law School. Today’s class is going to deal with nursing homes because we’re seeing more and more people whose loved ones are in nursing homes that are being mistreated. There are certain things that happen in nursing homes that should never happen. For example, if anyone gets a bedsore in 2016, that just shouldn’t happen. If people are dropped, that shouldn’t happen. If people aren’t fed correctly or malnourished, that shouldn’t happen. If people are abused in a nursing home, that shouldn’t happen. There are very strict state and federal regulations that deal with nursing homes. A lot of nursing homes don’t get good grades.

Every nursing home, when you go in the door, there is a folder there and you can look at their report card to see what kind of grades they got. Be careful. If your loved ones are in nursing homes, make sure number one that they’re in a good place and number two, make sure that they have good staffing there because a lot of times, these nursing homes are understaffed. They try to cut corners and as a result, they don’t hire the people that they should have watching your loved one in the nursing home.

God forbid something happens to a loved one in a nursing home, please check with us because there’s something we can do. These cases can be very meritorious. Thanks so much.