Black Lives Matter: It’s Time To Take Action

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Hi and welcome to the next edition of the People’s Law School. Today’s class is going to deal with situations where people are hurt as a result of falling on ice or in a supermarket or a Home Depot or a Walmart, that kind of thing. These cases can be very meritorious even though the person who falls will always be blamed by the insurance company. They’ll always say, “Oh, you should have been more careful. You should have not fallen.”, but the truth of the matter is that when you’re in a supermarket, you’re not looking at the floor in front of you. You’re looking out at the shelves, which is what they want you to do, and they have a duty as an owner of a store to make sure that their place has been properly inspected and made safe for you. Therefore, sometimes they will blame you for the happening of the accident but most times, the fault really lies with the person who should have made sure that the premises were safe.

That includes a lot of different things. It could include getting hit by a forklift in the store, falling on a banana peel, falling on ice in a parking lot. There’s a duty of the owner of a building, like our building here, we have a company comes in and make sure that they put sand and plow the snow and make sure that there’s no ice because if they didn’t do that, we would be at fault. Just because you fell, don’t blame yourself. There may be a meritorious lawsuit there that we’d be happy to look at. Thanks very much and until the next time, thanks for watching the People’s Law School.