Black Lives Matter: It’s Time To Take Action

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Hi. Welcome to the next edition of the People’s Law School. Today’s class is going to deal specifically with a narrow topic of construction accidents. As you see, there’s a lot of cranes, a lot of building going on. That’s a good thing for the economy. But what happens is sometimes, the general contractor or the subcontractors or the building owners take shortcuts. As a result of those shortcuts, there are people who are really seriously hurt. People fall from roofs because they don’t have fall protection. People are electrocuted on a work site because they didn’t have the area that they were digging properly marked out. There are cases that we have worked on where that happened. There was a big explosion up outside of Trenton where people were killed and injured because they hit a gas line that wasn’t properly marked.

Hopefully none of you or your loved ones will ever need us in this field of law, but please know that it’s a field of law that we have a lot of experience in and there’s no excuse for injuries that happen at work sites. There is a Federal agency called OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and a lot of times OSHA will come out and issue violations for what’s happening on work sites. But until contractors and owners pay more attention to safety, unfortunately, there’s going to be more injuries and if there are, we’re here to help you. So until next time, thanks for watching the People’s Law School.