Black Lives Matter: It’s Time To Take Action

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Hi. Welcome to the next edition of the People’s Law School brought to you by the Ferrara Law Firm. Today, we’re going to be discussing your car tires. It’s something you may not think about very much, but there are according to the National Transportation Safety Board, there are as many as 400 fatal accidents each year as a result of defective tires.

What we would like you to remember is that just because a tire was new, you bought a new tire, doesn’t necessarily mean that the tire was new. What I mean by that is it could have sat on the shelf for a year or two. So there is a way of looking at your tires and there’s codes on your tires. The code on your tire will tell you the month and year that your tire was manufactured. So you may buy a tire that you think is new, but it was manufactured three or four years ago and it will start to get dry rot. There’s some really sad cases where people bought new tires and then the tire blew out because it was stale. So double check that and if you want information on how to read those codes, give us a call because we have the translation of those codes for you and we’ll be happy to provide that to you at no obligation.

So, remember. Check your tires. Keep them properly inflated. Make sure your tread depth is good because that’s one area of safety that you don’t want to scrimp on. Make sure your tires are safe and at least that will help prevent some real problem down the road. So until next time, thanks for tuning in to the People’s Law School and we’ll see you next time. Thank you.