Black Lives Matter: It’s Time To Take Action

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Hi, and welcome to the next edition of The People’s Law School. Today’s class is going to deal with defects in cars, specifically airbags, seat belts, seat backs. You may have seen a study just the other day where a lot of people had been killed and injured because in a crash, the seat didn’t hold, and the seat went back. We’ve also handled cases here where seat belts that were buckled were in a crash and they became unbuckled, and the seat belt didn’t hold the person in. We also have cases where the airbags didn’t deploy, and as a result … they should have deployed.

Now, these kind of cases are really expensive. They cost about $300,000 to $400,000 to pursue. Hopefully, you’ll never need us in these kind of cases, but should you know anyone that is really catastrophically injured, I mean, paralyzed or … God forbid, even killed as a result of one of these … please check with us because we know which makes and models of cars had defects and we can find out if your case has merit.

Hopefully, none of you will ever have a case that involves a defective car, but if you do, it’s something that we’ve had good luck with handling over the last 40 years. We’d be more than happy to meet with you. Until next time, thanks for watching The People’s Law School.