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Did A Defect Cause Your Rollover Accident?

SUVs, vans, mini vans, pickup trucks and other vehicles are often susceptible to rollover accidents. Rollovers can be caused by a number of defects, including overall stability issues, poorly designed suspension systems and even defective tires. When an auto defect causes an accident or makes an accident worse, the manufacturer of the motor vehicle or the auto part should be held accountable for the serious injuries or fatalities that result.At The Ferrara Law Firm, LLC, we have been representing clients in defective auto products cases since 1972. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping injured people and their families get the compensation they need to move forward with their lives. Over the years, we have recovered millions of dollars for victims of negligence throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

Investigation of All Auto Accident Cases

Rarely is it immediately apparent exactly what went wrong and caused a crash. That is why investigation is crucial. Was the accident caused by a negligent driver? Was it made worse by a rollover that should not have happened after the collision? We bring in nationally-recognized experts and experienced investigators to strength our cases. When we need to take on auto manufacturers, we make certain that our case has the strength to overcome them.

Rollover Accidents and Roof Crush

A rollover does not necessarily mean that a vehicle was defective. It could simply be the result of an impact. However, it is possible that, when the rollover happened, the roof of the vehicle collapsed because it was not properly reinforced. This may be a defect in the vehicle. We take great care to look at cases from all angles to determine who should be held responsible.

Free Case Evaluation With a New Jersey Rollover Accident Attorney

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