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Is Arbitration Right for Me?

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In today’s world, any type of conflict that becomes present between two parties often carries with it the prospect of litigation. However, there is another way to solve these conflicts that many citizens do not fully consider. Read on for more information about how mediation attorneys can help people resolve conflict while avoiding going to court.

Arbitration Defined

Arbitration is a process in which two parties agree to have a third party resolve their dispute. The third party, known as the arbitrator, will hear both sides of the case and then decide. This decision is binding, which means that both parties must follow it. In many cases, the person acting as the arbitrator is an experienced local mediation attorney.

Is Arbitration Worth it?

There are many benefits to arbitration, including the fact that it is often faster and cheaper than going to court. Arbitration can also be less stressful for families because it is typically held in a private setting.

However, there are some drawbacks to arbitration, as well. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you will not have a trial if you go through arbitration. This means that you will not be able to present your case to a jury and that the arbitrator’s decision is final.

If you are a mediation attorney, then you know that arbitration is often the best option for families. However, there are some cases where going to court may be a better option. If the case is complex or if there is a lot at stake, then going to court may be the best option.

Challenges to the Arbitration Process

There are some challenges that family law attorneys often face when they are helping families through the arbitration process. One of the biggest challenges is making sure that both parties understand the process and agree to it. Another challenge is making sure that the arbitrator is impartial and that both parties have a chance to present their case.

Can an Arbitration Agreement be Amended?

If you are a family law attorney, then you know that it is important to have an arbitration agreement in place. This agreement should be written in a way that is clear and concise. It should also be signed by both parties. If there are any changes that need to be made to the agreement, then both parties must agree to the changes in writing.

How Ferrara Law Can Help

Family law attorneys can help families through the arbitration process in a number of ways. First, they can help their clients understand the law and what to expect from the mediation process. Second, they will help their clients prepare for arbitration by gathering all of the necessary documents and evidence. Finally, family law attorneys can represent their clients during arbitration and help them negotiate an agreement that is in their best interests.

The attorneys at Ferrara Law pride themselves on being peacemakers for spouses and their children, embodying the notion that any decision made in a family conflict should maintain the best interest of the child as the central focus.

For years, the attorneys at Ferrara Law have been helping people throughout New Jersey as they navigate the process involved in arbitration. Contact Ferrara Law today for expert insight and a free consultation on your case.

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