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We Help Families After Fatal Truck Accidents

When a massive tractor-trailer collides with a smaller vehicle, the results are often fatal. Cars and motorcycles are simply not built to withstand such an intense impact. That is why truck drivers and truck companies are required to follow such stringent rules. The rules that apply to the trucking industry were designed to prevent accidents and to save lives. Unfortunately, there are many truckers and trucking companies who refuse to follow the rules. When they cause a fatal tractor-trailer accident, they should be held accountable for the lives they have destroyed.At The Ferrara Law Firm, LLC, we have been handling wrongful death cases involving fatal truck accidents since 1972. Our job is to help families get the resources they need to move forward after their loss. This goal is especially important when there are children that need to be supported. We do our job well, a fact proven by the millions of dollars we have already recovered for accident victims throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

You Are Entitled to Financial Compensation

It can be very difficult for the families of wrongful death victims to think about getting financial compensation for their loss. No amount of money can replace a mother, father, son, daughter or other family member. It can, however, ease some of the financial burdens that accompany that loss. Legal action may also be able to prevent the same situation from happening again.

Our Lawyers Will Be There for You When You Need Us

You are not alone. During this difficult time, we want you to know that we will be there for you when you need us. Whenever you have questions or concerns, we are just a phone call or an e-mail away. Whenever there is anything we can do to help, reach out to us and we will do everything we can for you and your family.

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$4.85 Billion settlement of Vioxx litigation. Merck withdrew the pain medication Vioxx from the world market in 2004. We represented about 100 patients who had heart attacks or strokes from taking Vioxx. About 20,000 plaintiffs shared the total settlement.

$2 Million settlement a week before trial of construction site electrical injury. A worker struck a live underground power line as he was digging to install a guard rail post. His electrical injury was confirmed by the Chicago Electrical Institute. The suit was brought against the general contractor and the subcontractor for their failure to have the area he was about to dig properly “marked out”.

$7.5 billion settlement was awarded for the citizens of New Jersey against the Tobacco Industry. Our firm was co-counsel in a case brought by Governor Whitman against the tobacco industry for reimbursement of Medicaid expenditures caused by smoking related illnesses. The suit sought to recover billions of dollars that the state and its taxpayers paid through the Medicaid program for health care costs attributable to smoking related illnesses.

$7.1 million settlement for the wife and children who was tragically killed when a tractor trailer driver crashed into the family car on the NJ Turnpike.

$2.5 Million settlement several construction companies and a machine manufacturer paid $2.5 million to our client for injuries he sustained on a construction site. Our client lost his leg and his vision in one eye after an unstable machine was allowed onto a job site and was assigned for use by the general contractor in an area for which it was not intended.

$1.8 million out-of-court settlement for our client, a pedestrian injured while crossing a major intersection.

$1.7 million settlement for anesthesiological malpractice after the anesthesiologist incorrectly inserted a tube in the plaintiff’s esophagus when the plaintiff has a pre-exiting artificial opening in the neck from a previous laryngectomy, thirty years before.

$1.5 million settlement for nursing malpractice. This was a case in which a hospital patient, who had been admitted because of a 15 foot fall from a ladder, was given the wrong injection prior to coccyx surgery, because the nurse mislabeled the syringe, and caused the patient’s death.

$1.4 million settlement for a 38-year-old Mays Landing laborer severely injured on a construction site in South Jersey.

$1.35 million settlement for a 24-year-old Bridgeton man whose hand was amputated in a defective vegetable-processing machine.

$1.2 million out-of-court settlement, paid by various companies to our client, who contracted leukemia from exposure to a workplace chemical.

$800,000 settlement for a 32-year-old Vineland man whose hand was severely burned in a glass making machine.

$775,000 settlement reached after one week of trial for a boy injured by a defective bicycle.

$750,000 settlement for the family of a man killed in a car accident.

$750,000 settlement for a 35-year-old Paulsboro man whose leg was amputated below the knee in a heavy equipment accident.

$500,000 settlement for a 17 year old boy who was injured at birth by a doctor who mismanaged his delivery.


$5.5 Million Jury verdict against General Motors Harold Tucker, 69-year-old Salem man, was paralyzed from the chest down in a car crash on November 28 1995. His attorneys argued that a defective seat belt was the cause of his injuries. The jury agreed and ordered General Motors to pay $5.5 million in damages.

$5 million arbitration award to our client whose injury during a motor vehicle accident resulted from a defective seat in a Chrysler automobile.

$4 million + awarded by a jury for our client who has been disabled due to a poorly designed seat belt in a Toyota pick-up truck.

$2.3 Million verdict a Camden County Judge awarded $2.3 million to a 29-year-old Sewell, New Jersey mother and her 5-year-old daughter for damages arising from the death of their husband/father. Our client was only 24 years old and pregnant with the couple’s first child when her husband was killed in a car crash. Another driver disregarded a stop sign and a red flashing light and collided into his van at 50 mph.

$1,950,000 awarded in a bench trial, for causing the death of the plaintiff’s husband due to the defendant driver’s failure to stop at a flashing red light: the resulting accident causing pain and then death to the plaintiff. The court awarded $1,750,000 for wrongful death, $175,000 for pain and suffering and $8,516 for funeral expenses.

$1.7 million for a 64 year old man injured as a result of anesthesia medical malpractice.

$1.6 million awarded by a Gloucester County jury to a Woodbury Heights boy who lost most of his left hand in a 1995 fireworks explosion. The jury award included $372,590 for future medical bills, $300,000 for future lost wages and $927,410 for pain and suffering

$1.4 million jury verdict for the family of a man killed in a gasoline tanker explosion. Michael A. Ferrara, Jr. obtained one of the largest wrongful death verdicts in Montgomery County, Pa. in recent years.

$1.15 million for a 43 year old worker who lost part of his hand in a poorly guarded industrial machine.

$485,000 verdict a Mercer County (NJ) jury awarded $485,000 to a Pennsylvania man for injuries he suffered when he fell at the Princeton Medical Center in 1995. Our 55-year-old client was working for a trash removal company when he stepped out of his truck and fell on ice and snow.

$471,589 Verdict – Negligent use of excessive force – defendant tavern’s Manager/Bouncer causes spiral fracture and nerve damage to independent contractor go-go dancer when breaking up altercation started by other go-go dancer – failure to prevent other hostilities from escalating into physical assault by other dancer.

$470,000 jury verdict to our client, beaten by a co-worker during her first day on the job.

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