Black Lives Matter: It’s Time To Take Action

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Black communities across the country have suffered inequality and injustice for far too long. As voices across the nation come together in unity, demanding change, and reform – we have listened.

We at The Ferrara Law Firm condemn the systemic racism that has existed for 400 years, not only in police departments but across all segments of our country. We support changes in policing policies, including the elimination of the “Qualified Immunity” doctrine that provides unfair advantages to police officers, the elimination of military-style uniforms, and the ability to prevent bad officers from moving from one department to another.

We are prepared to fight in whatever forms we can. We will accept pro bono cases of protestors who were injured by police and support the Black community to the fullest extent of our capabilities.

While these are just words, we are actively pursuing opportunities to support the Black community by participating in local programs that promote equality, justice, and community building. We will also be donating money to support local groups working on BLM issues.

Now is the time as a country to come together with one goal – we must do better. We believe that by effectively responding, we can come away as stronger in our efforts to achieve liberty and justice for all.

Black Lives Matter, and we will fight for them. Equal justice under the law has to be more than just a slogan.