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Accidents Caused by Defective Trucks

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Trucks play a vital role in commerce by helping to transport products. Given the high number of trucks on the road, it is not surprising that truck accidents occur frequently. Accidents involving trucks often result in serious injuries and even fatalities. One of the best ways for motorists to combat the danger of being harmed by a truck’s mechanical defect is knowledge. This article will examine some of the most common truck defects as well as what a person should do if a truck becomes defective.

Battery Difficulties

Dead batteries can leave a person unexpectedly stuck in the middle of nowhere. To combat this problem, many people have taken to carrying jumper cables in their vehicles. People are also advised to avoid leaving their vehicle’s lights or other battery-operated functions on while the car is not in motion because this can drain the vehicle’s battery. Fortunately, a vehicle’s battery has the capacity to last four to six years if properly maintained.

Malfunctioning Brakes

Many drivers grow panicked when their brakes fail. Defective or poorly maintained brakes can result in accidents that lead to fatalities and serious injuries. The two best ways for motorists to avoid malfunctioning brake accidents is to listen closely to the noises that their vehicle makes and to take the vehicle for frequent evaluations. The best way to handle defective brakes is for a motorist to slow down the vehicle and use the emergency brake to slow down. In 2017, Chrysler recalled over 7000 vehicles for faulty brakes.

Steering Difficulties

This category includes a variety of factors that can leave a vehicle difficult to steer. Steering malfunctions can be caused by alignment problems, power steering defects, and steering column damage. Steering difficulties can result in a person losing control of the vehicle. Many motorists discover that routine maintenance can help avoid steering difficulties. If your steering goes out while driving, gradually bring the car to a stop while signaling about the problem to other motorists.

Tire Blow Outs

Tire blowouts can be caused by a variety of things including improper inflation, punctures, and wear and tear. Fortunately, unless an obstacle in the road causes the blowout, these accidents are often preventable. Motorists should always keep a tire pressure gauge in their vehicle and change the tires on a vehicle if the threads become visible. For motorists who experience a tire blowout while driving, avoid pressing down firmly on the brakes and instead utilize delicate movements while steering the vehicle that will let the car naturally slow down. In 2017, Trek Tire recalled 1,400 Dunlop GrandTrek PT3A tires. Learn more about defective tire cases here.

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